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Pasta Making Cooking Class and Market tour in Campo de Fiori

Quick Details

Adult (Ages 18+)
Child (Ages 5-17)

Learn How to Make Pasta in the Heart of Rome!

Are you curious? Do you like pasta? Are you willing to discover its secrets? Well, then this is the experience for you. Guided by a local teacher, a “Roman Mamma” pasta won’t hold secrets for you anymore! This is a great experience if you are willing to meet locals, shop where they do, and cook the way they’ve been doing for centuries.

Learn how to make pasta in the heart of Rome (behind Piazza Navona in a beautiful ancient building from 1500), where “fresh pasta” reigns from hundred of years. You will learn how to prepare South and North’s fresh homemade pasta the old-fashioned way, with rolling pin and board!

Not only you will learn, but you will have access to a real Roman house, in one of the most exclusive areas of Rome: Piazza Navona! It is not a sterile school, but a home!!! An experience you’d normally get only if you have local friends!

This Rome cooking class offers the traditional “Nonna” style Italian cooking in a home setting where you’ll learn the secrets, curiosities, and traditions related to the dishes we will prepare together. The building where the apartment is located dates back to the end of the 1400s, basically the time when America was being discovered!

This is a new opportunity. Up to now, our classes were held in a different context and for a different public. We love what we do, we love to share and get you to fall in love with our tradition too. Traveling is not only about sightseeing, but tastes, people, and sharing! This is why we decide to open our home to tourists who are willing not only to scratch the surface but to understand Italian culture and lifestyle.

Our courses are classic cooking lessons, where you’ll be starting from scratch. You will have to prepare the dough, we will teach you how to prepare the different kinds of fresh pasta and how to recognize them, where they come from, and how to choose the condiments… After preparing the fresh pasta, we will show you how to make the sauces (three different kinds).

You will be eating what you have prepared – so it better be good :-). The menu includes 3 pasta dishes, 1 homemade pie slice, red Chianti wine, coke, water or coffee.