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Street Art

Rome is an Open Air Museum

Squares, Fountains, Street Art, Open Markets and many more places to visit in and out of the beaten paths!

Street Art in Rome

Tiger painted on a wall in Rome

Fantastic paths of modern street arts are available in Rome. Ostiense, Tor Marancia, Garbatella and many more districts starting this new amazing chapter of Art.

The Pantheon

Rome's Pantheon façade

The Pantheon is world renowned building which gallantly sits in the Italian capital city of Rome. The word Pantheon translates to the Temple of Every God. Marcus Agrippa was the person who commissioned the building of this temple during the reign of Emperor Augustus. However the construction of the present building was completed during Hadrian’s reign. The portico of the Pantheon sports gigantic granite Corinthian columns. The coffered concrete dome at the centre has an oculus which is a wide opening

Spanish Steps (Square)

Spanish Square in Rome

Piazza di Spagna is one of the most popular squares in the imperial city of Rome. It sits right at the bottom of the famous Spanish Steps. The nomenclature came about due to the presence of the Palazzo di Spagna. It is the place of the Spanish Embassy and a part of the Holy See. The most popular attraction at the Piazza is the Barcaccia Fountain or Fontana della Barcaccia. It was erected by Pietro Bernini and his famous son Gian

St. Angelo's Bridge

Sant'Angelo Bridge Rome

Ponte Sant’Angelo was once known as Pons Aelius or the Aelian Bridge which meant the Bridge of Hadrian. As the name suggests it’s a bridge in the Italian capital, Rome. It was built to reach the Castle of Sant’Angelo, earlier known as the Mausoleum which sat on the opposite bank of the mighty Tiber. The erection was commissioned during the year 134 AD by Emperor Hadrian. The work or art is flushed with Travertine marble, the bridge also sports 5 arches.

The Mouth of Truth

Mouth of Truth in Rome

Bocca Della Verita or more popularly known as the Mouth of Truth is a very famous tourist destination in Rome. It gained immense popularity owing to the scene in the blockbuster movie A Roman Holiday. It has been carved out of Pavonazzo Marble and sports the face of Oceanus with a wide open mouth. It is believed to be a great lie detector as well. In the olden days people believed that if someone lied with his/her hand in the mouth and they told a lie the mouth was able to cut his/her hand.