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Your Health matters to us!

Doctor2GO! Take care of you in an hour!

Once in Rome Tours and ProntoSalus (home medical private services) are proud to offer the Doctor2GO care plan. In Italy health caring public and FREE. so for real emergencies you don’t need to pay, just call 118. However, the 99% of health problems who appends to the tourists are “minors”. At Once in Rome we really know that your time in Rome is short and precious! Italian hospitals priority roles is given by the gravity of the cases and not the order of arrival, so “minors” health problems, may require a wait of dozens of, and that would ruin your holiday!!

This problems is canceled thanks to our service Doctor2GO.

Our affiliated doctors who speak English, French, Spanish will intervene directly where you are in a hour or less! You can find anywhere in Rome within one hour of the call! How much it cost? If you are a Once in Rome client you can benefit of the following discounted rates:

€. 120 for a visit within 1 hour

€. 150 for a specialist – surgery within 1 hour

Oculist | Orthopaedic | Cardiologist | Neurologist | Paediatrician | Otolaryngologist | Dermatologist | Epidemiologist | Oncologist

Included services available:

Certification for Permit to fly (Fit to Fly)
Drugs prescription
Generic physician examination
Specialist physician examination
Medical and surgical procedures
Fast, Affordable, and Personalised Medical Attention


Blood tests
Doppler vascular
Pressure Holter
The doctor will see you with specific intent to get back on condition to enjoy your holiday IMMEDIATELY!

The Medical service is available 24 hours a day for Once in Rome Client.

Contact us for more information.