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Plunge into the Secret Underground Rome

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Adult (Ages 18+)
Child (Ages 5-17)

Discover the Amazing Wonders Hidden Right Under our Feet!

Rome is a lasagna, with many layers developed throughout the centuries by reshaping itself and adapting to new needs and changed rituals. Discover how the city has changed throughout the years on this unique Rome city tour.

We will meet across the street from the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin (mouth of truth) by the round temple (of Hercules). From there we will go to the Mithraeum of the Circus Maximus which will open exclusively for us.

Then the visit continues to Roman Houses buried by the church of St. John and Paul on the Coelian Hill. This offers an overview of how changes happened even in private houses. We will see how a street and villa transformed into an apartment block, paintings, and more.

Our last stop will be San Clemente Basilica; the same site was buried and rebuilt multiple times so it is an extremely fascinating ending point to truly understand what lies beneath.

Learn about rare pieces of Roman history on this interesting Once In Rome city tour.