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Exclusive Early Entrance – Vatican Private Experience with Cabinet of Masks

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Gain Exclusive Access to the Vatican Museums

This Early Morning Vatican Private Tour is exclusive.  Just the 1% of the Vatican Museums visitors can have access to this hidden room. Enter in the exclusive area of Cabinet of Masks with our guide, the permission for this area costs €300 on the Vatican website (just few permissions per day), and we offer it included in the price just for our VIP clients.

The Vatican City, the smallest country in the world and surely one of the most enchanting, with the highest concentration of art for sure.  The museums are one of the top world destinations, visitors from all over the world, when in Rome, must see the Vatican Museums.  Among the multiple options we have elaborated together with our team of guides an itinerary which is specifically designed for the first time visitor, not necessarily art historian or archaeologist, who wants to visit these incredible museums without feeling overwhelmed yet enjoying the visit and learning from it.

We meet at 7.15 and wait max 15 mins for the last participants to join the group prior to getting in line in front of the entrance gates of the Vatican Museums.  The guide will use the time you have prior to our admission at 8 AM to explain the Sistine Chapel where talking is not permitted.  The tour will take advantage of the empty museums to maximize the fruition of its incredible masterpieces prior to the museums opening to general public.  By choosing the private version you will also have the opportunity to visit the Cabinet of Masks which is closed to general public.

This option also includes the magnificent Raphael Rooms, painted by the great Renaissance master for the Pope Julius II, who had also commissioned the vault of the Sistine Chapel to Michelangelo.  These rooms are not less important than the Chapel, they may be lesser known but are truly amazing gems worth visiting.

The visit itself it spans through different portions of the papal collections: ancient roman and greek statuary, tapestries, maps.  The last portion of the museums is the Sistine chapel where you will have some time to enjoy its beauty and majesty prior to heading to St Peter’s Basilica.  This is the most iconic temple of the Catholic Church, built to be the house of God, sign and proof of its rightfulness, power and faith.  Every inch is a masterpiece, it holds incredible works such as Michelangelo’s Pietà and Bernini’s bronze canopy.

The Basilica is still an active church so opening hours and opportunity to visit are subject to religious needs.  May the church not be accessible on the day of your tour the guide will extend the visit inside the museums to include other incredible areas and incredible artworks which would not be included otherwise.

The Vatican requires modest clothing, no sharp objects (even large umbrellas) nor large backpacks will be admitted inside the museums.