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See Ancient Ostia: Our Roman Pompeii

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Adult (Ages 18+)
Child (Ages 5-17)

See An Actual, Preserved Roman City

Everyone goes or at least tries to visit Pompeii, so we wondered, why not Ancient Ostia? It is so much closer, so well preserved, and even bigger than Pompeii. If you are in Rome and do not wish to or cannot go to Pompeii, the Ancient Ostia tour is for you!

Ostia, meaning mouth in Latin, was the first colony of Rome, literally at the mouth of the River Tiber on the beach. Ostia soon became an important city and developed parallel to Rome.

Walking on the city’s main road, you will first go through its necropolis (cemetery) and then the city gate. As Ostia unveils itself in front of your eyes, you will admire the Theatre, Forum (City Centre), main temples, its first Christian church, thermal baths, laundries, public bathrooms, private mansions, apartment blocks, cafeteria, and a bakery… an actual Roman City – the way it looked and the way it lived!

Once on the pier of Rome, this incredible site will give you a full understanding of how Roman cities truly looked and how the average Romans, not only the emperors, lived their daily lives.