Vip Vatican and Colosseum by Limo

with the best attractions of Rome Small Group

200€ 170€ Adults 
180€ 155€ Children 


Tour duration
3 hours Hours

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08:45 AM

Meeting Point

Meeting Point

This is a full day small-group guided tour of maximum 13 participants.  It includes ‘skip the line’ tickets to all attractions that will be visited throughout the day and a luxury minivan to accompany the group to the main squares of Rome. A step back in time to the age of gladiators, emperors and Gods in the morning and to the Renaissance and popes, and artists. The first 3-hour skip the line tour will allow you to explore and uncover the secrets and history of Ancient Rome. The second part of the tour (after lunch break) includes the beautiful Vatican Museums, the fascinating Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. One day to explore the most important marvels Rome has to offer.

Morning Tour: The Colosseum and the Gems of Rome (by Luxury vehicle)
Meet your Tour guide and start your day tour.  Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the colosseum, the greatest amphitheatre of the Roman times.  Close your eyes and see the Gladiators fight in front of your eyes as your expert tour guide will share her knowledge with you.  Out of the Colosseum and into the Forum to do what the Romand did 2000 years ago, walk on the same streets, see their temples, the Senate, the house of the vestal virgins, imagine the forum and its vibrating life come alive in front of your eyes. Now every step will take you closer to our modern time, hop on your luxury minivan and rest, look outside, hear your guide’s marvellous stories about Rome, there is so much to see, the van will leave you only steps away from each attraction. See the most magnificent example of roman architecture, the Pantheon, for centuries artists from alla round the world tried to capture its beauty, unsuccesfully.  Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, walk along the art filled Navona Square, see the magnificence of the Spanish Steps, where the first part of the tour will end.  Feel free to ask your guide for restaurants reccomendations or directions, the Metro is only around the corner.

Afternoon Tour: The Vatican Museums with Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica
After lunch at leisure meet the guide for the second part of your day tour: the Vatican, the smallest Country in the world.  The Vatican museums are extensive and literally soaked with history and art.  Your guide will help you unravel in the corridors packed with artworks – ancient statues from Egypt, Greece and Rome, sarcophagus, busts, frescoes and tapestries, as well as paintings from numerous periods throughout history. Thanks to this collection (the Popes’ collection), historians could write much of the history of humanity.

You mustn’t miss the Sistine Chapel with its frescoes by Michelangelo. Before visiting the Chapel your guide will give you an in depth explaination of this little incredible jewel of humankind.  You will wonder: how could a single man accomplish all Michelangelo did in the Sistine Chapel? Follow your tour guide into St Peter’s basilica. This church is rich in works of art and monuments. Here are some of them that you can’t miss: the Canopy by Bernini, the bronze statue of St. Peter, the Pietà by Michelangelo. Leave the church and see the center bearing the obelisk brought from Egypt. At the end turn around St Peter Square to enjoy the magnificent colonnade by Bernini, it seems almost to wrap you in an embrace.  Here will end your day, hopefully filled with art and joy.

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  • Skip the line Entrance tickets
  • Colosseum & Ancient Area tour
  • Luxury Private Vehicle in a second part of the tour
  • Professional guide
  • Small group size
  • All the best attractions of Rome in half day by car