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Price include two people. Underground Tours of Rome: While we see the mesmerizing monuments and remains of the ancient Roman history, we often forget that there is a more humble Rome that sits right under the grand and impressive Roman architecture. Explore the most untouched aspects of Roman history with this Rome Undergrounds tour and witness what only a few people know about.

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 *Limo & transportation: Select your favorite  in the “Tour Booker Box”  4.  | Underground Tours of Rome: The tour of the hidden Rome starts with San Clemente Basilica. This admirable basilica has some beautiful mosaic arts. However, the mosaic paintings are quite different from the mainstream Roman mosaics. You will find unique descriptions and even more unique presentations here. This includes a mosaic of a Crucified Christ amongst a festival of doves and trees. The Cappella di Santa Caterina is located close to these beautiful mosaics. Take a small stairway from here to reach the lower basilica- a 4th century building. From here, you take another small staircase to reach level three. This area was constructed in the first century and has many apartments that reach numerous floors. Use the passable streets between these blocks to reach a state mint, one of the larger buildings of this region.

Moving from here, you will reach the Basilica of Saints John and Paul (Basilica of Santi Giovanni e Paolo). Here, you find the ruins of the temple of Emperor Claudius that showcases the history of the middle Ages. There is a bell tower and a monastery built right over these massive ruins. Move along some lovely gardens that are still cultivated by nuns and move to the Circo Massimo or Circus Maximus. This was a huge area where Republican Rome witnesses horse races. This is not the end of it all. You will also move to the church of San Nicola in Carcere. Thus unique church is built still has six massive columns from an ancient Roman temple on its side walls.
Moving further down the ground, you will be transported to the era gone by. Reach the Tiber Island (Isola Tiberina). Here, you find the church of San Bartolomeo, a medieval tower as well as an ancient bridge call ponte Fabriano. While you move close to the core of Trastevere, you will visit the Basilica of Santa Cecilia and end your tour at the church of San Crisogono.

Underground Tours of Rome

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  • Visit the beautiful Roman Houses on the Caelian Hill
  • Explore the church of Saint Nicholas in Prison
  • Find new light in subterranean temples
  • Get to witness the 2 subterranean levels and the Basilica of St. Clement.

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