Rome shore excursions from Civitavecchia + Optional Tour Guide

Build your persona day excursion from Civitavecchia pier!

850€ for first 2 people 
60€ additional passenger 

Tour duration
10 Hours

Operating Days

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Start Time

07:30 AM

Meeting Point

Meeting Point
Ship docking Station

This service includes a transfer service to Rome and back per 2 people, but no car disposal in the City.You will be dropped off any where you wish in Rome and be pick up in the afternoon at a designated spot and time.


If you have already been in Rome, you will no doubt want to return to revisit sights you have enjoyed or discover sights missed before, so this is your opportunity to explore the Eternal City on your own. My car will pick you up at the harbour any time you want and escort you to any place you want in Rome.

You can shop at designers stores, eat lunch at a sidewalk cafè and explore the streets of Rome at you leisure remembering that most shops are closed on Sunday and Monday’s morning and are closed daily from 1.00 pm- to 4.00 pm …for our siesta…

You may visit important sights like the Trevi Fountain, Rome’s most beloved fountain where a coin dropped in it ensures your return or explore Piazza Venezia (Venice Square) in the hearth of the city, known for the monument dedicated to Victor Emanuel II, first king of Italy and also called “Wedding Cake” for its shape.

Once there climb the Steps designed by Michelangelo leading to the top of Capitoline Hill.

Admiring the square you will be acquainted with Roman, medieval and Renaissance Art or walk through Piazza Navona, the square said to be the most beautiful in Rome, photograph the fountain of four rivers, sculptured by Bernini and see the tomb of Raphael as you tour the interior of the Pantheon.

The tour includes a Professional English-speaking driver. Due to strict Italian laws & regulations that protect officially licensed guides, our drivers can only comment and explain the sights from inside the vehicle, and are not allowed to do so once they are outside the vehicle. A Professional licensed guide, where needed, can be hired on request at an extra cost.


  • Please dress respectfully for visiting religious monuments; local custom requires covering knees and shoulder.
  • Attraction tickets with Skip-The-Line option are included
  • Comfortable walking shoes recommended.
  • The tour sequence may be altered to avoid congestions but always covering mentioned sights.
  • Keep an eye on your wallet and purses at all time. Do not wear jewerly or carry large amount of cash


1. CLASSIC Colosseum +Vatican Museums and City Driving tour

This tour has been designed for those guest who wish to enjoy a complete overview of Rome.You will have the opportunity to drive where large buses are not permitted, allowing you to see more, walk less and capture the “best of Rome”.

This exclusive tour starts at the Vatican after a 90 minute drive from the pier. It is the smallest state in the world. Explore the richest storehouse of art in the entire world: the Vatican Museum. Walk through the Tapestry and Geographical Map Galleries, the Candelabra Gallery and the magnificent Raphael Rooms that lead to the fifteenth century Sistine Chapel which holds an invaluable collection of masterpieces like the Michelangelo’s ceiling painting of the “Creation of the World”.

Enter the vaste expanse of St.Peter’s square through the Bernini’s colonnades into Christendom’s largest church resting on 800 pillars and littered 44 alters.See the gilded Papal Canopy suspended over the the altar where the Pope celebrates mass, the splendid gilt and the bronze throne in the apse and one of the best known pieces of sculpture in the world – the Pietà, Michelangelo’s masterpiece in marble.

Please note that if a mass is being taken, the entrance may be restricted, that the Museum’s are closed on sunday (except the last Sunday of the month) and Saturday afternoon. In this cases the itinerary may be altered to accomodate local conditions.

The tour then goes to Piazza Venezia known for the Victor Emanuel Monument also called “wedding cake” and for the building that was Mussolini’s headquarters.Climb the steps of the Capitoline hill and enjoy a beautiful view of the Roman Forum with the Rostrum where Mark Anthony made his impassioned speech over the body of Julio Cesar.

Eat in a fine restaurant and enjoy lunch with plenty home-made wine. Stop at the most beautiful in the world: Trevi. Drive by the famous Spanish steps where the finest shopping street is. Walk through piazza Navona and do not forget your chocolate ice-cream. Visit then the imposing structure dated 27 B.C. called Pantheon where the great painter Raphael is buried.

Last stop will be in the most fascinating monument in Rome, a place where 50.000 people could assist to cruel battle between gladiators and wild beast: the Colosseum. Drive by the impressive Arch of Costantine on your return to the ship by 5:00 pm.



Italy boosts a wealth of beautiful countryside and the area surrounding Rome is no exception! Set out a drive from the pier through the Roman hill. The Campagna around Rome is enchanting; rolling hills and lush farmlands are dotted with farmhouses, villas and palaces.

You will reach the lake Albano in the crater of an extinct volcano. Winding your way up the top of nearby hill you will stop for a short stroll in the lovely medieval town of Castel Gandolfo, where the popes have kept their summer residence for centuries. In fact Castel Gandolfo’s Papal Palace and gardens are actually part of the sovereign Vatican State.

At noon enjoy a typical local lunch with plenty of home-made wine. After lunch you will head to Rome along the old Appian way, one of the first ancient roman military roads.One of the most impressive sights you will see along the way is the tomb of Cecilia Metella, mausoleum of a roman noblewoman, the daughter of a roman general, who lived during the time of Julio Cesar.

Proceed by the Catacombs, the curious underground maze of tunnels hallowed out of volcanic rock, where the earlier Christians, persecuted by the Romans, had to practice their religion in secret and bury their dead.Drive by the bath of Caracalla, Colosseum and Venice Square. Return to the ship by 5:00 pm.


This tour will be designed by you, according to what you desire to see or do. I will suggest the main sites so you may decide what you see: Vatican Museum and St.Peter’s Church, Colosseum, Imperial Forum Avenue, Roman Forum, Victor Emanuel Monument, Capitoline Hill, Circus Maximus (Roman Chariot race-track), Aventine Hill, Piramid Caio Cestius, St. Paul outside the wall, St.Mary Maggior, St. John Lateran, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Navona Square, Veneto Avenue, Quirinal Hill (where the president lives), Christian Catacombs, Appian way and more.

Choose the sites and we will let you know in what order we can see them. Please keep in mind that the Vatican Museum is closed on Sunday


This tour is designed for guests who wish to spend the day in the relaxing atmosphere of the baths of Saturnia.After disembarking the ship you will proceed on a 1 hour drive north through the Roman then the Tuscan Countryside to the legendary Saturnia.

Ancient legend tells of how the god Saturn, furious with human beings for how often they fighted and discussed , hurled a bolt of lightening to earth, forming a crater from which some tepid water began to gush.This legendary place, well known to the Etruscans and the ancient Romans for its regenerating powers, still exists today.

It is Saturnia, where sulphurous water at a constant temperature of 37° rises from the thermal springs and which provides therapeutic properties together with extraordinary sensations whoever steps into this water can never forget the feeling of well-being, relaxation and calm given by the warmth that surrounds your body and the way one’s mind relaxes on contact with the sweet unique nature of the Maremma area in Tuscany.

People can come to Saturnia all year round and reap the benefits, but, obviously, some periods are more suitable than others. When the weather begins to be, or is still quite good, Saturnia is as its best. Even if the outdoor temperature is a little low, people feel fine in the water. All you need is a bathrobe for when you come out. Also, there are not so many people and you have the possibility to enjoy the thermal water with some privacy.

Therefore, the main season is from March to October included. The place is ideal for relaxing among the green surroundings, going on excursions, visiting rural culture centres (agriturismo) and good eating; the Maremma is in a central location that allows you to arrive at the archaeological sites such as Pitigliano ,Sorano Sovana in about one hour.

Admission fees are not included


After leaving Civitavecchia you will drive northeast through the countryside to reach after approximately 30 minutes Tarquinia.It has the greatest Etruscan museum in the world, with well-preserved sarcophagi, paintings, tombs, frescoes from the 6th to 1st centuries B.C. and the largest Etruscan necropolis.

The heart of Southern Etruria, Etruscan capital, mediaeval township, archaeological site of international fame and an intense cultural life, rises 133m above sea-level on a plateau from which it scenically overlooks the Marta River valley and the Tyrrhenian Sea.Visit the aristocratic Palazzo Vitelleschi, in itself a masterpiece of Gothic-Renaissance architecture, now housing the National Museum.

Proceed the visit to The Etruscan necropolis, just outside the town that includes the most beautiful and well-preserved tombs of the ancient world, which bear witness to the cult of the dead of a fascinating and enigmatic people.They are unique in themselves and only comparable with the Egyptian tombs.

Enjoy lunch in a typical local trattoria .Proceed to Tuscania.It was a powerful Etruscan town. Near the town, particularly along rivers, there are many Etruscan and Roman necropolis, with Etruscan tombs that has returned many things of Curunas family (IV- II cent. B.C.), now in show, with furnishings, inside Archaeological National Museum of S.Maria del Riposo (XV cent).

In Medieval historical center the beautiful Roman basilica of San Pietro (VIII-XI-XIII cent.) stands on the old Etruscan acropolis, and has a 13th century fa�ade with symbols of the Evangelists. The interior has massive 11th century columns with beautiful capitals and decorative paving. A second church, Santa Maria Maggiore (VIII-XII cent.), now out of the inhabited area and completely surrounded from his boundaries, is also worth seeing.

Tour is not available on Monday.Admission fees are not included


Drive along the country roads through the lush landscapes for a short ride to Tarquinia. Already “Pliny the Elder” praised this land as the perfect place for cultivation of vineyards.

After a short visit of the cities Etruscan Museum Palazzo Vitelleschi , Medieval city walls and sourrounding lanscapes. Our first stop with be in a local Cheese factory where we will learn the secrets of making mozzarella and pecorino cheese.We will then sample some of the local Buffalo mozzarella.We will then proceed with a visit to Beautiful Tuscania with is ancient buildings.According to what time it is we will either have lunch or do a wine tasting with a local wine producer.After thse activities we will proceed with a brief visit of the city of Tarquinia and then head back to the port

The itinerary can be altered according to local conditions.Local activities are not included and will be charged separately


This tour is perfect for those who wish to take in the flavours and history of Etruscan Italy and enjoy the taste of typical italian products.Drive along the country roads through the lush landscapes for an hour ride to Orvieto.

Orvieto is perched on a plateau of tufo rock (soft volcanic rock) that was once an island in the sea that covered the Paglia valley below. Here you will have time to explore one of the finest Duomos in Italy, a gem of Gothic architecture and take an hour long tour of the underground city with it’s winding tunnels and Etruscan artefacts.This tour allows you to explore 3000 years of history by following the ancient passageways, tunnels, stairs and hidden rooms.

Another important stop is St. Patrick’s well. Built on the orders of Pope Clement VII who sought refuge here during the sacking of Rome, this 203 feet deep well boasts double spiralled staircases for easier access to the water.After exploring this charming town with amazing views you will head to Civita Bagnoregio, an almost deserted town accessible only by a foot bridge.With only 25-50 inhabitants it resembles a ghost town. Here you can stroll the narrow streets and marvel at the existence of a place where time stopped several hundreds of years ago.

On the return to Civitavecchia stop and view a spectacular panorama of Lake Bolsena from Montefiasacone town and visit the church of S. Flaviano where thge founde of wine est est est is buried!We can substitute Orvieto with a visit of Tuscania instead or Tarquinia
Rate does NOT include neither lunch nor Admission fees. Ask us for fast track tickets


Rome is more than history and art books tell us. Its ancient ruins, Baroque Churches and museums make it fascinating for the adults, but children too can have their share of entertainment if you know where to look. The city offers a wide range of child-oriented activities and we would be happy to be your driver guides.

Meet your driver in Civitavecchia and  head to Rome. Our first stop will be St. Peter’s basilica where your will be able to climb Michelangelo’s famous dome. Prepare yourselves for a challenging but unforgettable experience: 551 steps or if you want to take the elevator ‘only’ 320 steps up a narrow hallway will take to the top of the Dome where you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of Rome and the Vatican.

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