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The basic price include 2 participants | admission tickets are included | Discover the masterpieces that have made Florence the symbol of Renaissance starting from the Accademia Gallery which houses the most famous statue in the world, the David by Michelangelo, and also some unfinished works of the artist to better understand how he worked the huge blocks of Carrara marble. Follow our guide to the Piazza della Signoria and go back in time to see the original location and political function of the famous statue. The itinerary includes the spectacular view of other buildings that religious and political centers of Italy.

The explanation of our guide includes a detailed introduction about the life of

Michelangelo and his extraordinary era.

The journey through the halls of the Academy begins in the hall of the Colossus

where you will admire the model for The Rape of the Sabine Women by

Giambologna, which is now exhibited in the Loggia dei Lanzi, and other beautiful

works made by Perugino, Filippino Lippi, Pontormo, Bronzino and Domenico

Ghirlandaio. In the gallery of the Prisoners you could look closely at the giant

unfinished by Michelangelo going up with your eyes and soul towards the perferction

of the David kept gelously in the Tribune.

On the way towards piazza della Signoria our guide will show you suggestive alleys

getting to piazza del Duomo to contemplate the huge dome by brunelleshi and the

bell tower designed by Giotto.

The tour will end in piazza della Signoria that was the center of civic and political

life of the Florentines. Here people gathered called by the tolling of the bell of the

Palazzo Vecchio to hear and approve the decisions taken by the lordship. Therefore

in front of the most impressive palace let’s close your eyes to live as a citizen in

Florence long time ago.

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Highlights & Inclusions

  • Enter the Accademia to admire the David and unfinished works by Michelangelo
  • Learn about the Michelangelo’s life
  • Relive the political and religious context of Florence in the XV and XVI century
  • Admire the impressive Duomo and Giotto's bell tower
  • breathe the political importance of Florence in Piazza della Signoria

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