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The basic price include 2 participants | admission tickets are included | Faith Tour of rome – Marian Itinerary : This 3 hour long tour will take you on a spiritual journey in the life and times of Virgin Mary, the holy Mother of God. Visit the most significant churches of Rome- the Basilica of St Maria sopra Minerva, Basilica of S. Maria in Trastevere and the twin churches of the Piazza del Popolo. Also listen to the meaning and significance of the life of Mary and unravel the mystery surrounding the Mother of God. Faith Tour of rome – Marian Itinerary Faith Tour of rome – Marian Itinerary 

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tedescoFaith Tour of rome – Marian Itinerary  : The Holy Virgin Mary is the most divine female figures in Christian history. The tour begins at the marvelous Basilica of S. Maria In Trastevere. This is the first church dedicated to Virgin Mary as per the episcopal throne and one of the oldest Roman churches as well. You will see some of the most splendid mosaics made by Pietro Cavallini. The tour will also include two of the most recognized works by him – a mosaic of infant Jesus and Mary of the 12th century and the Annunciation- his most popular work. After leaving the basilica, you will cross River Tiber to reach the Church of S. Maria sopra Minerva. This is the only Gothic Roman church. The church has been built on site of the Temple of Isis. It holds some of the most beautiful Gothic interiors that are well matched with the works of Michelangelo including the statue of Jesus holding the cross. Move to the Piazza del Popolo where you will visit 3 churches dedicated to the Holy Virgin. The popular twin churches- Santa Maria in Montesanto and Santa Maria dei Miracoli showcase the riches stucco interiors of Roman history. You will find the most mesmerizing and divine image of Virgin Mary at the Basilica Santa Maria dei Miracoli. The Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo chapel to Our Lady was constructed almost a thousand years ago on 1099 A.D. The tour ends at a member of the 7 Pilgrim Churches of Rome-Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. The Paolina, Cappellas Sistina and numerous other mosaics are to be found here. Wear appropriate clothes and carry a scarf on your shoulders all through the guided tour. Faith Tour of rome – Marian Itinerary

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Highlights & Inclusions

  • Listen to a theologian as he narrates the story of Mary
  • Admire the glory of Piazza del Popolo and its twin churches
  • Visit Church of S. Maria sopra Minerva- the only gothic Roman church
  • View the amazing mosaics of Cavallini at the beautiful Basilica of S. Maria
  • S. Maria del Popolo
  • S. Maria sopra Minerva
  • S. Maria in Trastevere
  • St. Mary Major

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