Exclusive Private Tour of The Jewish Ghetto in Rome

Jewish Ghetto in Rome

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The price includes 2 participants – Rome has a lot of activities for people to do, places to see, foods to eat and things to learn for the average foreigner. Most of the tourists and travellers visit the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Colosseum and leave. Unfortunately that’s just a superficial tour and a disgrace as Rome has a lot and we mean a lot more to offer. The Roman Guy has designed a special tour for the people who want to learn a bit more about the culture and experience Rome spiritually. Presenting our Private Tour of the Jewish Ghetto and Trastevere.

The tour originates from one of Rome’s oldest and The Roman Guy’s favourite neighbourhood, Trastevere. On meeting your local guide, he/she will take you to Piazza Santa Maria, the heart of Trastevere. At the centre of the Piazza you will visit the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere. This is one of Rome’s oldest and most famous churches. While taking in the beauty of the façade of this mighty structure, you guide will fill you in about the historical points that made this church so important. Your guide will also take you inside as you still gaze at the building from the outside.

After the visit to the church commences you will walk down the beautiful cobblestone streets of Trastevere. Your guide will then take you to a less popular church as most of the travellers and tourists haven’t heard about it yet. In a classic straying off the popular path style, your guide will lead you to an underground archaeological site which is also a church. The inception of this church dates back to the times when Constantine I ruled Rome. This part of the tour will let you see the remains of the church and also view the old Roman houses and Frescoes being restored.

The next place on the agenda will have you searching for the façade of a medieval Roman place where Jews worshipped their Gods. For most people Rome always means Christians, but in truth Jews have been a part of the Roman culture for more than 2000 years. As your guide reveals the secrets to you, you will find out that Jewism was once a respected religion. Even the Christians respected it owing to the date of its inception. Slowly as the stories are unravelled you will also learn that not all religions thought that way.

After walking through the narrow Trastevere Streets, you will cross the mighty Tiber through the Tiber Island. Here your guide will point out and educate you about the bridges connecting the island to the mainland and also tell you why the island was of grave importance back in the day. On crossing the bridge you will have officially set foot into the Jewish Ghetto.

At the very beginning you will visit and walk in Piazza 16 October 1943. The name helps people remember the fateful day the Jews had faced. Next you will see the Portico d’Ottavia which is the main part of the neighbourhood which will lead you to a place full of Roman ruins. Here you will see the remains of a temple, a palace bestowed with ancient carvings and a large theatre which many mistake for the Colosseum. That’s not all. Next your private guide will take you to one of the most beautiful fountains in Rome and educate you on the reason as to why it was constructed in an instant and what that led to.

Once you have tread the ancient Jewish culture, your guide will introduce you to the modern ways. This venture will have your guide pointing out various Jewish eateries serving up the best kosher meals. He will also treat you to a dish called Pizza, but this is not your regular smoking Joe.

Last but not the least your professional English speaking guide will lead you to the present Jewish place of worship. After this you will be taken to grab a lip smacking bite owing to the hunger developed after all the walking around. But before you sit down to eat, you will be informed about the next time slot to visit the interiors of the Synagogue. Do not miss out on this opportunity as the insides of the Synagogue holds many beautiful works of art.


  • Entering the crypt will cost an additional 3 Euros, the price is not included in the total tour fare.
  • The Jewish lunch offered on the tour contains nuts. Substitutes are available.
  • This tour does not include an interior tour of the Synagogue.

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