Colosseum Small Group Tour with Imperial Forum and Palatine Hill

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Tour duration
3 Hours

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08:45 AM, 14:00 PM, 09:15 AM

Meeting Point

Meeting Point
Colosseum Metro Stop

Colosseum Small Group Tour | lenght 3 hours | SkipTheLine Tickets includeds | English | Departures 08.55 und 14.00 Uhr

This tour will be available from April 10th. Enjoy a very small group tour, max 13 people, of the Coliseum and the ancient Roman Forum archeological area, skipping the long lines at the entrance with your fast-track tickets. An expert guide leads this informative tour as you visit the most important sites of ancient Rome.

Take a private 3-hour tour of the monuments of ancient Rome with a 5-star tour guide. Skip the long lines waiting to enter the city’s most popular attractions with fast-track access to the Coliseum, Roman Forum, and the Palatine Hill! Choose your language option and preferred time departure and you’ll be ready to go!

Learn about life in ancient Rome on a 3-hour tour with a guide who will take you through the history of this important city. On the tour you’ll have access to all areas and you’ll have a headset to better hear your tour guide.

Tour the Coliseum, entering with your skip-the-line ticket. The immense amphitheater is the largest constructed in the Roman Empire. Imagine the noise from the thousands of spectators during gladiatorial fights and public shows that took place in the arena.

Continue to the Palatine Hill, one of the iconic 7 hills of Rome, the site where the city was founded, and the location of the homes of Roman emperors. Learn about history of ancient Rome and hear centuries-old legends as you walk along the Via Sacra, the main road for Rome’s citizens to access the Forum and its buildings that were the center of government and public life.Colosseum Imperial Forum and Palatine Hill Small Group Tour

This tour is subject to restrictions, the minimum number of participants is applied.


Set in the valley between Palatine and Capitoline Hills, the Roman Forum was the place where every major action originated. The Forum is as important as the hills that cradle it. The Palatine was chosen The Colosseum or Coliseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre is an elliptical amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome, Italy. Wikipedia

Roman Forum

It was for centuries the center of Roman public life: the site of triumphal processions and elections; the venue for public speeches, criminal trials, and gladiatorial matches; and the nucleus of commercial affairs. Here statues and monuments commemorated the city's great men. The teeming heart of ancient Rome, it has been called the most celebrated meeting place in the world, and in all history.

Palatine Hill

The Palatine Hill is the centermost of the Seven Hills of Rome and is one of the most ancient parts of the city. It stands 40 metres above the Forum Romanum, looking down upon it on one side, and upon the Circus Maximus on the other.

Colosseum Undergrounds

To include extra access to the Undergrounds, Third Tier and arena please select Underground option from the Tour Booker Scheduler.

Third Tier

The upper level of the Colosseum, fantastic panoramic view of Rome

The Gladiators Arena

The arena itself was 83 meters by 48 meters (272 ft by 157 ft / 280 by 163 Roman feet).[14] It comprised a wooden floor covered by sand (the Latin word for sand is harena or arena), covering an elaborate underground structure called the hypogeum

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Highlights & Inclusions

  • Explore the Colosseum, the biggest amphitheater in the world
  • Explore the Roman Forum
  • Visit the Palatine Hill
  • Avoid long lines
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