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Price include two people. Ostia from Rome is a very famous place to plan a historical tour. You will enjoy an amazing tour to see the archaeological wonders available of Ostia. The name Ostia has originated from the Latin word Ostium which actually means mouth. Ostia was the military and commercial seaport of Roman times which is established at the mouth of the Tiber River. In case of Shore Excursion, the day-trip includes also a 3 hour of scity tour with the driver. Ancient Ostia Private Tour: REDUCED up to 18 yo

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Ancient Ostia Private Tour:

The Roman Guy is all about Rome as the name suggests but we also have few spots of interest outside the walls of the imperial city. We have an awesome tour which takes you to the Pompeii of Rome also known as the Ostia Antica.

This is the best tour for people wanted to wander off the popular part and experience Rome outside its walls. The Ostia Antica sits a mere 15 miles outside the Italian capital. Unlike the historical centre of the city this place is tranquil, away from the crowd and din. It is an explorer’s delight.

Ostia was one Rome’s major port cities where trade was always booming. It was also used as a military base for preventing invasions via sea, as it sits right at the mouth of the mighty Tiber. The city gained popularity over time and by the 3rd century it housed over 100,000 people. It is an ancient city but a lot of it still remains intact. This private tour will let you cherish the hidden delight in the city.

You may reach Ostia directly via public transport or let us arrange a direct private transport. Our professional guide will accompany you in both cases. Your guide will walk you through the streets of this ancient port city and educate you about its history and culture. As you will see on arrival, Ostia was a very well preserved port city. Once all the historical facts come pouring in from our guide, you will be able to visualize and let you imagination run wild.

You will be able to walk the roads that was once tread by the people of the greatest and oldest civilization on Earth. Additionally you will also be able to visit and sit in the Piazzas, public baths and forums. Our English speaking expert guide will vividly explain all the happenings in the ancient city and will help you travel back in time and actually see how Ostia was back in the day.

A word of friendly advice from us here at The Roman Guy: Pack you camera and make sure you juice it up before you leave the hotel. The tour will make you shutter happy as you fingers will never leave the clicker. Make sure you let your friends back home see what you experienced outside Rome.


Looking to opt for a private trip to Ostia and back then please refer to the right side of the page and select add-ons. This is an integral part of the booking procedure. Alternatively you could just let us know your preferences before you book by getting in touch with us.

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Highlights & Inclusions

  • Hire our fantastic guide to visit the entire Ostia region from Rome.
  • Visit the main street of Ancient Ostia.
  • Visit to see fascinating mosaic art
  • Get to see a famous bakery and mill of Roman ancient time.
  • Explore the baths of Neptune
  • Immerse in the wonderful and famous theatre and thermopolium experience.

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